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Scenario #12: The paparazzi take a picture of you two…

You and Liam had been roaming around the local mall in your lazy clothes; sweatpants, his sweater, and your hair in a messy top bun. The paparazzi found you walking out of the Disney store, both of your arms filled with stuffies and movies, getting ready for later that day. The picture they snapped was of you two sitting on a bench with Buzz and Jessie dolls, smiling wide and laughing together.
Since you don’t really get to see Zayn much, as he is mostly on tour, there are tons of photos circling around of when you are together. You two were out on a simple date, and there happened to be no paparazzi in sight, however they only came out when he was walking you home. They had actually been quite sneaky, as they didn’t really want to interrupt the juicy pictures they could get; although there was silent clicking going on in the background. The picture was a very beautiful picture, you two were at your doorstep at nighttime, and the moon was huge that night. His arms were tight around your torso and yours were holding his face, while both of you sharing a very adorable kiss in the moonlight.
Niall was always the gentleman you believed him to be. Both of you were dressed up, not too formal, but not to casual. It was a date night for you two, and your first one in quite a while. The paparazzi came out and started snapping pictures of you outside of Nando’s. It was a picture of him holding the door open for you with one hand, while the other held yours, he was smiling brightly and you were grinning back at him.
As boyfriend and girlfriend, Harry and you are the most spontaneous celebrity couple there is. Your last time together sort of tipped the scale, whether it was going skinny-dipping or not… Well now you decided to have even more fun; paintballing. Your group had finished up a two hour game along with the other boys and Josh. All the shots you gave were mostly at Harry, and now he was getting you back for it. He chased you around until he caught you, and as you were laughing like crazy he dipped you down and started smearing paint on your face. The paparazzi had been waiting for you outside the entire time, so the photo they took of you was you with paint smeared all over your face while kissing Harry on the cheek. He was holding onto you lightly and smiling, his hair messy and caked with paint.
It was finally the day; your boyfriend was finally back from tour and you had your first full day with him. After many suggestions on what you two should do on this day, you just decided to walk through the heart of the city. You are holding onto his arm, you both had just come back from getting Starbucks. Suddenly the paparazzi swarmed you two and started shouting questions. Being camera shy and sort of nervous, your breathing got slightly heavier. Louis noticed and pulled you into him with a small smile of reassurance, and then made sure there was space between you two and them. The picture they took was of you buried into his chest, and him lightly petting your hair. His arms were outstretched to make sure that everyone was at least a couple feet back so they didn’t freak you out.

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Scenario #10: How He Hugs You…

His arms are settled on your upper back, and he gives you a tight squeeze and a kiss before backing away and grabbing your hands, so you two are still close together.
He’ll bring his arms around you and lift you into the air, giving you a twirl, and you dangle your legs wildly, before he sets you back down on the ground and staring into your eyes with a smile.
He embraces you warmly, and always has a habit of burying himself into your shoulder. It’s also adorable how he starts to play with your hair, and with the back of your shirt.
Since Harry is noticeably taller, he always wraps his arms around you protectively, as yours are doing the same. He rests his head on top of you and starts to trace little circles on your spine to make you shiver.
He’ll grab you either by your belt loops or by your waist and pull you into him, leaving his hands on your hips. Yours are around his neck and you two gently sway back and forth with your head against his chest.

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Scenario #9: He goes on a trip to LaSenza with you…

As soon as you pull him in the store he starts to blush. He immediately covers his eyes with his hands, and you go up to him, “What’s wrong?” He removes his hands from his face for a second and looks around for a second before covering them back on, “Erm… Oh god… Love. I don’t think I should be here…” You slowly peel his hands away and he stares you in the eyes, still beat red, “It’ll only be a second. I promise.” He stays quite close to you throughout the store, and as you’re sifting around through a pile of bras and look over to Liam holding a large red lacy, practically see through, bra. You pretend to look astonished, “I never knew you were that kind of person Liam!” You gasp dramatically. He puts it down and starts stammering, “I-I’m sorry, It was there, and I just kind of, you know, it was there and I touched it and oh no, you hate me now…” You laugh and bring yourself closer to him and whisper, “You know, I’ll buy it if it interests you.” He blushes once again, “…Only on you” And you do end up buying it.
“Wow, I’m surprised that you’re so calm.” You comment as you twirl around the racks in the store. He shrugs and starts to play with a nearby curtain, “I have sisters, I’m used to it.” You finally pick up a nice pink polka-dotted one, and hold it up, “But I bet you’ve never been in the change room.” He walks closer to you, “So is this going to be my first time?” You laugh and tug him into the changing area. He sits outside while you pull it on, and once it’s on you call for him to come in. The door is pushed open and in he comes. Zayn shuts it, then takes your figure in, “You are so gorgeous.” He says, and pushes your hair back from your forehead. “What about the bra?” You ask, and he looks down at it, “You know, I don’t know if it suits you. You might have to try on more for me.” You laugh and give him a quick kiss, as he steps out to let you try on a second one.
As soon as he sees you walking in the direction of the shop he groans, “Do we have to?” You turn, “Niall, I need some, it won’t take long.” He groans again but agrees to go in, he stays at the edge of the store the entire time, and keeps whining about how much it hurts his masculinity. You laugh at him, “How? At least you have a girlfriend who is willing to ask your opinion so she doesn’t get something you don’t like.” He sighs, “That still hurts.” You give a crooked smile, “You get to see me in it later though.” He perks up at that, “In that case, I think you should get something flattering…” He turns in a circle then spots one, picking it up he grins “Like this!” It was a green matching bra and panties set, that had the words ‘Luck of the Irish’ across it. You start to laugh, “Oh darling, you sure know how to pick them.”
“You can’t come in. Now I’m going to try these on.” He looks absolutely heartbroken and you have to look away, “But why?” He asks sadly. You bite your lip, “You’ll do something stupid, I know it… Just wait out here.” You walk into the change room and take off your clothes, and then place the bra on. You reach back to clip it on, but another pair of hands do it for you. Freaking out, you turn around, about to punch the pervert who walked into your dressing room when you see Harry. He has a large grin on his face, “Hello Love!” He smiles and brings you into a tight hug. “Harry! I told you to wait out there!!!” You can feel him chuckle, “It was just so tempting… Thinking of you being all half-naked and gorgeous in here without me.” He starts to kiss your neck and shoulder, and you push him back, “I told you, It’s public!” He smirks, “I don’t care.” Pretty soon he’s holding you above him, your legs wrapped around his middle section, and kissing you softly yet passionately. Things start to get intense when Harry manages to trip and you two topple over and out of the change room. You end up on top of him while in only your bra, and you are blushing intensely, while he’s laughing wildly. A sales clerk comes and tells you politely to get dressed and leave the store, as you were disrupting business. You go in and change, coming out you see Harry with a small parcel, when you ask what’s in it he simply smiles, “That bra looked amazing on you.” He then hands you the bag.
You look Louis and he shudders, “That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.” He says, picking up a old, nude granny bra. You giggle and go back to searching for underwear when something hits you in the back of the head. You turn and Louis is standing innocently with his hands behind his back. With an arising suspicion you look to the ground and find pair of underwear laying there. One of the types that were placed beside Louis at the moment. You smirk, “I know that was you Tommo.” You suddenly get hit in the face with another one, and he’s standing there grinning devilishly, “So what?” You start to laugh and pick up the granny bra, you pull back and let it fly. It hits him in the face and he screams, “THAT’S JUST DISGUSTING!” He picks it up and starts to throw it back, and soon you’re having a full-fledged underwear war. The fight ends with him tickling you continuously as you surrender, laughing wildly about it. The store manager comes over and asks you two to leave. Sadly, you pick up your bags and leave, but not before buying the granny bra to haunt him with.

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The little things he does….

Zayn: Makes a little song verse for you whenever your up or down. 

Louis: Always takes a sip your tea before handing it to you, to check if it’s just right.

Niall: Takes a picture of everything you guys do together. Why? So he doesn’t forget anything.

Liam: Rushes to the rescue no matter what it is from killing a spider, changing a flat tire, etc.

Harry: Holds your hand when he’s driving, just so he knows your extra safe.

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What makes your guy’s Twitcam so cute?

Harry: How he keeps looking at your lips the entire time, then randomly kissing you when you least expect it

Zayn: How he keeps calling you “Babe”, then completely blushes cause he forgot about the viewers.

Louis: How his arm is around you the whole time, and how you both make each other laugh for no reason.

Niall: How you both just randomly burst out singing together, and how he keeps asking you for food.

Liam: How he keeps talking about little things that you guys did throughout the day that made him smile.

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